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We can't manage what we’re not measuring.

We can't manage what we’re not measuring.

In our final workshop of this series of 6, #ZERO discussed how our industry will soon be bringing visibility to upfront* CO2e emissions. We talked about skills, strategy, data, processes, and tools that we’ll need. We drew up a framework of questions and ideas that we’ll use again in future workshops.

Questions posed:

> Will #BIM and Cost Managers re-skill to support the role of #carbon information management?

> How will ownership of carbon information flow through a project?

> How will the upfront totals be presented, and how will businesses contribute and collaborate?

> What knowledge will need to be shared across our industry to support this additional measurement?

The full ZERO topic framework is developing fast and we’re now arranging workshops for March to continue these discussions. We’ll refine the framework and agree on how we can use the results. It’s likely we’ll be creating guidance documents later this year – follow us to stay informed.


We concluded with:

>Projects and organisations will soon start estimating, measuring, and reporting upfront carbon.

> Skills, tools, and processes will emerge and existing methods will be re-purposed.

> Embodied carbon estimating and measurement isn’t widely performed. Even when this does happen, the results are often inaccurate, inconsistent, and incomplete.

> Construction-related carbon measurement is even less widespread – very few projects do this today, but this will soon change in response to growing requirements for CO2e emissions targets.

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