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The future is our present for the next generation

ZERO NEXT is a group of next generation radicals, demanding immediate change for long-term results for the decarbonisation of the construction industry. Extreme environmental action is needed in the pursuit of innovations and discoveries in ways previously not thought possible.

What is ZERO NEXT?

ZERO Next is a new movement within ZERO, focusing on young people, with a fast growing global network of students and young professionals who are making strong demands on the construction  industry. We know what we want from the construction industry, and we want it now!

Time to take action

The construction industry is killing our planet. 38% of global greenhouse gas emissions released are from the built environment.  There are roadmaps and targets being created today, but they are not enough, more action is needed.


The ZERO NEXT movement

The young professionals of today will still be in industry when the construction roadmaps and targets are realised. Society will suffer if we do not improve our current ways of thinking, working and building. ZERO NEXT is a voice for today’s youth, that will become tomorrow curators of our declining planet.



Educating is critical to share our pledge and instil the urgency on the industry to drive change. We want to unite young people across the world with a collective mind-set to champion sustainability and reduce embodied carbons for a clear planet. 



Combining our range of experiences and knowledge. We meet regularly to sharing our ideas, debate and exchange views. Networking both with young professionals and more experienced members of industry allows for greater understanding of how to achieve the change we need.



ZERO NEXT opens up a direct line of communication between young professionals and more experienced members of industry.  It is an opportunity, where our voice is not only heard, but can be amplified. 

There is no single route to resolving climate change, we must collaborate to make a difference. To join the ZERO NEXT movement simply register.

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